Elasticsearch Security Privileges

While ElastAlert 2 will just work out-of-the-box for unsecured Elasticsearch, it will need a user with a certain set of permissions to work on secure Elasticseach that allow it to read the documents, check the cluster status etc.

SearchGuard Permissions

The permissions in Elasticsearch are specific to the plugin being used for RBAC. However, the permissions mentioned here can be mapped easily to different plugins other than Searchguard.

Details about SearchGuard Action Groups: https://docs.search-guard.com/latest/action-groups

Writeback Permissions

For the global config (which writes to the writeback index), you would need to give all permissions on the writeback indices. In addition, some permissions related to Cluster Monitor Access are required.

Cluster Permissions: CLUSTER_MONITOR, indices:data/read/scroll*

Index Permissions (Over Writeback Indices): INDICES_ALL

Per Rule Permissions

For per rule Elasticsearch config, you would need at least the read permissions on the index you want to query. Detailed SearchGuard Permissions:


Index Permissions (Over the index the rule is querying on): READ, indices:data/read/scroll*